MUME 2017

5th International Workshop on Musical Metacreation (MUME 2017)

Held at the Eight International Conference on Computational Creativity, ICCC 2017

Title: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Musical Metacreation (MUME 2017)
Editors: Philippe Pasquier, Oliver Bown, Arne Eigenfeldt
Date of Release: 19 June 2017.

ISBN: 978-1-77287-019-0

 Publications Authors
Session I: Evolutionary MuMe
“My Little ChucKy”: Towards Live-coding with Grammatical Evolution Roisin Loughran and Michael O’Neill
Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Judge Fitness in Musical Genetic
Peter Mitrano, Arthur Lockman, James Honicker and Scott Barton
The Context Sequencer: compositions as networks Liam Goodacre
Session II: MuMe Networks
HBPL: a Framework for Debating, Developing, and Reusing Foundational Models of Musical Metacreativity  Paul Bodily and Dan Ventura
Musical Deep Learning: Modeling Temporal Dependencies for Stylistic Generation Benjamin Smith
Immanent Harmonic Transformations Dane Filipczak
Session III: Live Machines
Methodological Framework and Design Process for Applying Evolutionary Simulation to Musical Interactions Insook Choi
MASOM: A Musical Agent Architecture based on Self-Organizing Maps, Affective Computing, and Variable Markov Models Kıvanç Tatar and Philippe Pasquier
Context-Aware Hidden Markov Models of Jazz Music with Variable Markov Oracle Cheng-I Wang and Shlomo Dubnov
Session IV: MetaComposition
With Bolts of Melody! Songwriting with ALYSIA & Emily Dickinson Christopher Cassion, Margareta Ackerman, David Loker and Joshua Palkki
vorbei : A Generative Music System Paul Paroczai and Arne Eigenfeldt
Solving adaptive game music transitions from a composer centred perspective Samuel Gillespie and Oliver Bown
Cross-Domain Analogy: From Image to Music Joana Teixeira and H. Sofia Pinto