Related Labs & Researchers

Andrew Brown
Composer and designer of algorithmic and interactive music systems. His research focuses on augmenting creative intelligence through interactions with computer systems.

Toby Gifford
Composer/performer/designer of interactive music systems, researcher at Griffith University, Australia.

Barry Truax
Electroacoustic composer and acoustic communication researcher at Simon Fraser University’s School of Communications.

Eduardo Miranda
Professor of Computer Music at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom who works on exploring new forms of musical expression, not influenced by current popular trends.

Eyebeam Art + Technology Centre
A not-for-profit art and technology centre in the United States.

Jason Freeman
Assistant Professor in the School of Music, College of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology working on breaking common musical barriers between composers, performers and listeners.

Michael Young
Composer and lecturer interested in real-time computer music and interdisciplinary practice working at the University of London.

Artist group dedicated to the creation, presentation, and critique of artistic practise that employs technology.

Sonic Research Studio
A research studio focusing on acoustic communication as part of the School of Communications at Simon Fraser University.

A French multimedia art and technology group focused on creation, presentation and distribution of such works.