Related Conferences

Audio For Games
Audio Engineering Society – International Conference on Audio for Games

ACM Multimedia (ACMMM)
A venue for showcasing innovative industrial products and scientific achievements in multimedia.

Conference promoting the generation and dissemination of computer graphics and interaction techniques.

ACM Computational Aesthetics
Symposium focused on the analysis and augmentation of creative behaviours.

International conference for those working in the production and dissemination of digital and electronic art.

Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS)
Yearly conference for research on autonomous agents and multiagent systems.

Cognitive Science Society (CogSci)
Annual meeting of researchers working on basic and applied cognitive science research.

Creativity & Cognition (C&C)
Conference focusing on understanding, designing tools for and augmenting human creativity.

EvoStar (Evo*)
Conference centered around theoretical and applied research in genetic and evolutionary programming.

Generative Art (GA)
A meeting place for exchanging ideas, approaches and experiences in generative systems.

International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)
A themed yearly international conference in computer music research and composition.

International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCCX)
Facilitating the exchange of ideas on computational creativity in a cross-disciplinary setting.

International Society for Music Information Retreival (ISMIR)
Conference for research in music modelling, creation, search and processing.

International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging
A conference meant to bring together those developing computer based tools to solve aesthetic problems and those who use these tools.

International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music (MML)
Workshop held in conjunction with the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD).

New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)
Forum focusing on the design of new musical interfaces.

Sound & Music Computing (SMC)
A forum for interdisciplinary exchanges on the topics of sound and music computing.

Live Interfaces (ICLI)
“The conference seeks to investigate cross-disciplinary understandings of performance technology with a particular focus on issues related to the notion of ÔlivenessÕ in interaction.”