MUME 2012


1st International Workshop on Musical Metacreation (MUME 2012)

Held at the Eighth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and
Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE’12)

Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, October 9th 2012.

Papers from the 2012 AIIDE Workshop
Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt, Oliver Bown
AAAI Technical Report WS-12-16
published by The AAAI Press, Palo Alto, California


Introduction to Generative Music and outline of the Day — Philippe Pasquier
Session I: Contexts — Chair: Arne Eigenfeldt
Creative Partnerships with Technology: How creativity is enhanced through interactions with generative computational systems (Position Paper) — Andrew Brown
Maxine’s Turing Test – A Player-Program as Co-Ethnographer of Socio-Aesthetic Interaction in Improvised Music (Position Paper) — Ritwik Banerji
Improvising Musical Structure with Hierarchical Neural Nets (Technical Paper) —
Benjamin Smith, Guy Garnett
Session II: Autonomy — Chair: Oliver Bown
‘Xa-lan’: Algorithmic Generation of Expressive Music Scores Based on Signal Analysis and Graphical Transformations (Demo) — Mauricio Rodriguez
Autonomy in Music-Generating Systems (Position Paper) — Oliver Bown, Aengus Martin
Algorithmically Flexible Style Composition Through Multi-Objective Fitness Functions
(Technical Paper) — Skyler Murray, Dan Ventura
Embracing the Bias of the Machine: Exploring Non-Human Fitness Functions (Demo) —
Arne Eigenfeldt
Session III: Interaction — Chair: Philippe Pasquier
Music Design with Audio Oracle using Information Rate (Demo) — Shlomo Dubnov,
Gerard Assayag
The Melody Triangle: Exploring Pattern and Predictability in Music (Technical Paper) —
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah, Mark Plumbley, Peter W. McOwan
Quantum Composition and Improvisation (Position Paper) — Dale Parson
A Computer-Assisted Approach to Composing with MaestroGenesis (Demo) — Paul A. Szerlip, Amy K. Hoover, Kenneth O. Stanley
Meta-Score, a Novel PWGL Editor Designed for the Structural, Temporal, and Procedural Description of a Musical Composition (Technical Paper) — Mika Kuuskankare
FreshJam: Suggesting Continuations of Melodic Fragments in a Specific Style (Demo) —
Tom Collins, Christian Coulon
Session IV: Theory and Game Music Demos — Chair: Benjamin Smith
Computational Music Theory (Technical Paper) — Georg Boenn, Martin Brain, Marina De Vos, John Ffitch
Automatic Orchestration for Automatic Composition (Technical Paper) — Eliot Handelman, Andie Sigler, David Donna
Mezzo: An Adaptive, Real-Time Composition Program for Game Soundtracks (Demo) —
Daniel Brown