MUME 2013


2nd International Workshop on Musical Metacreation (MUME 2013)

Held at the Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE’13)

Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, October 14-15, 2013


Papers from the 2013 AIIDE Workshop
Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt, Oliver Bown, Graeme McCaig
AAAI Technical Report WS-13-22
published by The AAAI Press, Palo Alto, California

Day 1

Session I: Computer Assisted Composition — Chair: Philippe Pasquier
Expansion on Description-Based Design of Melodies — Avneesh Sarwate, Rebecca Fiebrink
Using the Creative Process for Sound Design based on Generic Sound Forms — Guerino Mazzola, Florian Thalmann
Session II: Systems — Chair: Arne Eigenfeldt
Feature Selection and Composition using PyOracle — Greg Surges, Shlomo Dubnov
Automatic Harmonization Using a Hidden Semi-Markov Model — Ryan Groves
Session III: Systems — Chair: Andrew Brown
Jack 1: Pattern and Shape in Music Generation — Eliot Handelman, Andie Sigler
Methods for the Flexible Parameterisation of Musical Material in Ableton Live
—Oliver Bown
Interactive Musical Partner: A Demonstration of Musical Personality Settings for Influencing the Behavior of an Interactive Musical Generation System — Jeffrey Albert
Tracking Creative Musical Structure: the Hunt for the Intrinsically Motivated Generative Agent — Benjamin Smith
Session IV: Audio 1 — Chair: Oliver Bown
CorpusDB: Software for Analysis, Storage, and Manipulation of Sound Corpora — Thomas Stoll
Composing with All Sound Using the FreeSound and Wordnik APIs — Evan Merz

Day 2

Session II: Audio 2 — Chair: Toby Gilford
Jazz Drum Machine: a Novel Interface for Data-Driven Remixing of Music — Ben Lacker
Straight-Ahead Jazz with GenJam: A Quick Demonstration — John Biles
Musical Meta-Creation: the Discourse of Process — Andie Sigler
Food Opera: A New Genre for Audio-gustatory Expression — Ben Houge, Jutta Friedrichs
Session III: Interactivity — Chair: Benjamin Smith
Prediction and Proactivity in Real-time Interactive Music Systems — Andrew Brown, Toby Gifford
The Generative Electronic Dance Music Algorithmic System (GEDMAS)
— Christopher Anderson, Arne Eigenfeldt, and Philippe Pasquier
Human-Robot Musical Improvisation — Scott Barton
Harmonic Navigator: A Gesture-Driven, Corpus-Based Approach to Music Analysis, Composition, and Performance — Bill Manaris, David Johnson, and Yiorgos Vassilandonakis
Session IV: Practice — Chair: Philippe Pasquier
Performing with Technology: Lessons Learned from the GenJam Project — John Biles
The Musical Metacreation Weekend: Challenges arising from the live presentation of musically metacreative systems — Oliver Bown, Arne Eigenfeldt, Philippe Pasquier, Ben Carey and Aengus Martin
Towards a Taxonomy of Musical Metacreation: The First Musical Metacreation Weekend — Arne Eigenfeldt, Oliver Bown, Philippe Pasquier and Aengus Martin