Call for Works

The 7th International Workshop on Musical Metacreation
June 17-18, 2019, Charlotte, North Carolina

MUME 2019 is to be held at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in conjunction with the 10th International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC 2019).

=== Important Dates ===
submission deadline: March 24, 2019
notification date: April 28, 2019
concert dates: June 17 evening, 2019


Creators of musically metacreative systems are invited to submit works for a concert of musical metacreation, as part of the 10th International Conference on Computational Creativity, ICCC 2019, at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Submitted works can be of any musical style, but must involve a performative element and must involve the use of computational creativity techniques in the creation of the work. Examples from previous MuMe concerts include, but are not limited to: reproduction of musical style using machine learning; the evolution of musical structures using interactive genetic algorithms; rule-based systems; systems based on emergence or self-organization; systems that perform music data mining to create remixes, and so on.

Types of Works

Any work related to MuMe that can be presented in a performance context will be considered. This includes:

  • Improvising agents that perform alongside live musicians.
  • Automated composition systems that generate music in real-time or pre-compose music for performers, as well as automated DJ systems.
  • Systems that use AI methods for other creative objectives, such as harmonizing, intelligent looping, or finding suitable matches for a target phrase.
  • Systems that generate lyrics.
  • Music that uses evolution, emergence or ecosystemic concepts.

Submission Process

Please submit a two page A4-portrait PDF describing your work before the submission deadline. Email your submission to Submissions should not be anonymized. Your submission should:

Describe the work.

  • Explain how the work relates to the MuMe theme.
  • Give a relatively detailed technical description of the system*.
  • Give detailed performance requirements. As necessary, this may include a stage plan, equipment needs, technical support needs, and performing musicians (you can use additional PDF pages for any supporting items).
  • Provide a link to any additional documentary material such as audio or video recordings, or online software (highly recommended).
  • Give credits and biography (name, affiliation, short biography up to 150 words).

* It is common to receive submissions that are highly ambiguous about what the proposed system actually does. Works will be rejected if this is the case. The description does not need to be highly technically detailed but it should remove any fundamental ambiguity.

Selection Process

All submissions will be reviewed by three independent members of the selection committee. Once these reviews have been completed the reviewers and the chairs will discuss these works and reviews. The chairs will provide a meta-review, the three original reviews, and a final decision. Reviewers will be anonymous to the authors, but not to each other. The final decision lies with the chairs, in consultation with the committee.

Upon Acceptance

Artists are required to be in attendance and set up their own equipment. At least one artist must register for the MuMe workshop.

A schedule for performances, rehearsals and soundchecks will be made available in the week before the concert.

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2019 Workshop Organizers

Program Co-Chair
Robert M. Keller, Professor
Computer Science Department
Harvey Mudd College

Program Co-Chair
Bob L. Sturm, Associate Professor
Tal, Musik och Hörsel (Speech, Music and Hearing)
Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Sweden

Concert Chair
Gus Xia, Assistant Professor
Computer Science
NYU Shanghai

Publicity Chair
Dr. Oliver Bown, Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Art & Design
The University of New South Wales

MUME Paper Committee

  • Eduardo Miranda
  • Philippe Pasquier
  • Darrell Conklin
  • Doug Van Nort
  • Roger Dannenberg
  • Shlomo Dubnov
  • Mike Casey
  • Bill Manaris
  • Robert Rowe
  • Andrew Brown
  • Tim Blackwell
  • James McDermott
  • Kat Agres
  • Amy K. Hoover
  • Úna Monaghan
  • Roisin Loughran
  • Benjamin Houge

MUME History

MUME 2019 builds on the enthusiastic response and participation we received for the past occurrences of MUME series:

MUME 2012 (held in conjunction with AIIDE 2012 at Stanford):

MUME 2013 (held in conjunction with AIIDE 2013 at NorthEastern):

MUME 2014 (held in conjunction with AIIDE 2014 at North Carolina):

MUME 2016 (held in conjunction with ICCC 2016 at Université Pierre et Marie Curie):

MUME 2017 (held in conjunction with ICCC 2017 at Georgia Institute of Technology):

MUME 2018 (held in conjunction with ICCC 2018 at Salamanca University):

MUME Steering Committee

Andrew Brown, Griffith University, Australia
Michael Casey, Dartmouth College, US
Arne Eigenfeldt, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Anna Jordanous, University of Kent, UK
Bob Keller, Harvey Mudd College, US
Róisín Loughran, University College Dublin, Ireland
Philippe Pasquier, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Benjamin Smith, Purdue University Indianapolis, USA