[tabby title="ae_newBeatBOT"]


AuthorArne Eigenfeldt
DescriptionCreates its own form and quits when it gets to end of it (sending an exit message).
Generates beats based on 3+2 tala, which will always sum to 16 (i.e. 4/4).
Lots of (potentially extreme) signal processing.
Messages Sent
@intent/talaStructure – 2+3 grouping of emphasized 16ths for next 4 bar phrase
@intent/repetitionStructure – repetition pattern in 4 measures (i.e. A B C D)
@intent/activityMask – activity level for each beat in next 4 bar phrase (0-9)
Messages Received
@intent/talaStructure – will adapt to other bot’s tala
@exiting – will exit