Musebot Ensemble – CFP

Call for Participation: The Next Musebot Ensemble

This is a call to participate in the next musebot ensemble. Musebots are “pieces of software that autonomously create music, collaboratively with other musebots”. The goal of this project is to establish a fascinating creative platform for experimenting with musical autonomy, open to people developing cutting-edge music AI, or simply exploring the creative potential of generative processes in music. Musebots are a way for generative music makers to think out of the box and explore new territory by working with others, just as you do in a band.

The 2016 Musebot Ensemble Series

Following successful installations at:

  • International Conference on Computational Creativity  2015  in Park City, Utah,
  • ISEA 2015 in Vancouver, Canada,
  • Generative Art 2015 in Venice, Italy,
  • New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2016 (NIME) in Brisbane,
  • Sound and Music Computing 2016 (SMC) in Hamburg,

we continue to tour the musebots at various international festivals and conferences in 2017.

Our Musebot Conductor software will automatically script the startup and shutdown of musebots over a local network of computers, creating an autonomous ongoing listening room. This will be a curated event, with musebot submissions being put together in small ensembles of 2 to 8 agents that last approximately 5 minutes each.

We welcome you to form collaborative teams and work together to make your musebots interact in meaningful ways. Equally, submit your agents alone and we will curate collections of agents that we feel work well together. In the latter case there will be opportunities to audition your agent in context with other agents and adapt your designs accordingly. We accept submissions in any style, but we expect the predominant style to be downtempo EDM (72- 130 BPM). Think automating Autechre. Or Jon Hopkins. Or anything in between.

As the musebot project evolves, we want to see how much autonomy can be given to the conductor, and how participants can get their musebots working together. Future musebot ensemble events will be announced as they are accepted.

Plus all of the software is open-source, so you can do your own event.

Please drop us an informal email to let us know that you’re vaguely or very interested in making a musebot.

Submission: email a link to your musebot to either Ollie Bown or Arne Eigenfeldt. Make sure you follow the spec and test that it works with the musebot conductor.

Musebot Team / Curatorial Panel

Arne Eigenfeldt
Oliver Bown

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